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Even though your tax due date is months away, staying ahead of your taxes requires a little forethought and will end up saving you plenty of stressed-filled days and night ahead if you go ahead and start your tax process now. Here at Gecinger Tax & Accounting, we love when our clients ask for an early start on their taxes because it means that we have more time to find each and every deduction possible to save you money. If you are struggling to stay ahead of your taxes, here are a few tips that we hope will help you.

get ahead of your stress and taxes this year

  • Get organized. This is the part of taxes where most of us struggle- organization! Getting organized with your tax forms, receipts, and other important forms can go a long way. A great place to start is to keep a small receipt organizer in your car, purse or briefcase to quickly highlight and file away expenses and deductions.
  • Find a tax firm. If your taxes are becoming more complex than you can handle or more time-consuming than you have time for, find a tax firm that you can trust! A tax firm can better sort out your situation and find you information you might have missed.
  • Review your last year’s taxes. This will give you a better idea of where to start, what to find and what to start saving. You can also determine if you need to change any withholdings or other pertinent information.

To learn more about taxes, withholdings, deductions and more, contact us here at Gecinger Tax & Accounting and get ahead of your stress and taxes this year.

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