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While most of us dread the process of doing our taxes and therefore procrastinate doing this arduous task as long as possible, there are many benefits to getting your taxes in early this year. Required tax forms need to be delivered to the taxpayer by the end of January, so there’s no reason to wait until April to start your taxes! Here are four reasons why you should get started on your taxes early this year:

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  1. Less stress. Searching out tax documents late into the night is how no one wants to spend their time. Finding the necessary paperwork and filing early not only gives you time to relax, but will also help give you a cushion in case your accountant needs clarification or finds more information about a possible deduction.
  2. Larger deductions possible. When you file hastily, you might forget possible deductions. Filing early gives you ample time to seek out and file for every possible deduction that you qualify for.
  3. Faster processing and refunds. Driving during rush hour takes a lot longer than if you were to leave early and beat traffic. The same rule applies to filing your taxes — filing early helps you beat the rush!
  4. Happier accountants. Accountants only have so many hours in the day, and if you give them a chance to spread out their work during the busy season, they’ll be much happier!

Here at Gecinger Tax & Accounting, we are happy to help you with your taxes at any time during tax season, but we hope you’ll see the advantages of filing your taxes early this year! Contact us today for help with your taxes this year.

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