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Accounting, Winston-Salem, NC

A proper accounting system helps you throughout the year and at tax time.

There are few things more valuable for growing your business than having your finger on the pulse of its financial health. While it can be tempting to base business decisions on instinct, experience, and “your gut,” a better option is having the facts you need in front of you about what has worked well so far, what isn’t producing as intended, whether jobs or products are priced right to cover costs, and other vital information. At Gecinger Tax & Accounting, we help Winston-Salem, North Carolina businesses focus on what they are passionate about by taking care of the accounting that is also vitally important.

Accounting in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We know that most people go into business based on what they know about and feel drawn to offer to the community. Few have the accounting background to do the financial part of the equation. What usually ends up happening is that there is no monthly reporting being done, bank reconciliations don’t get accomplished, and the only time that the owner knows how much net income there is comes after the tax return has been prepared after many hours spent rifling through receipts and bank statements.

There are several problems with this method. First, you cannot instantly react to a problem if you don’t know about it. Second, often information gets lost and you could be overstating or understating your income on your tax return. Let us set up a proper accounting system for you and handle the ongoing accounting work so you’ll be in the best position both throughout the year and at tax time.

At Gecinger Tax & Accounting, we offer accounting services to individuals and businesses in High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Burlington, Asheboro, Kernersville, Lexington, Thomasville, and Clemmons, North Carolina.


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